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Elegant and High End Retractable Motorized Monitors made with anodized aluminium housing, a brushed stainless steel cover plate and with the most silent and faster lift elevation system. All models have 20º tilting adjustment at user’s choice with two extra pushbuttons on the side and two more for the lift system UP/DOWN. They can be remotely controlled by LAN (RJ45) through RS-232 or RS-485.
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Tamaños disponibles: 15,6" / 17,3" / 18,5" / 21,5"

RET Series. Elegant and high end retractable monitors built with anodized aluminum and the most silent and fast lift elevation system. If you want something really different, impressive and high end quality, this is the best product you will find.

The monitor has a 20ª tilting movement, adjustable at user's choice to ensure the correct visibility and the vertical movement to appear or disappear when it is required. Two electrical engines, one for the lift system and the other one for the tilt adjustment. It can be controled by LAN, through RS-232 or RS-485, or through the 4 pushbottons (monitor: up/down and Tilt: rear/front) located on the brushed stainless steel cover plate.

The monitor automatically turns on once it is in upper positions and off before hiding down.

RET Series monitors are available from 15,6" to 21,5". Bigger and smaller sizes can be developed under request (with MOQ). There are different Lines available RET-G, RET-A, RET-F and RET-L.
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