Control Room for an electric sector company in Ukraine

An important Electric Power Company trusts in Roomdimensions for the supply of consoles in the control center that the company has in Ukraine.


The design of the control room work posts requires a console designed specifically for this 24/7 operations environment, with its strong structure and its high capability of integrating numerous equipment within it, and its ideal management system within its structure.


The consoles offer a clean work-surface perfect for the day to day tasks, facilitating the integration of the operators with the different elements of the environment, such as the video wall. Meantime enhancing their effectiveness with the ability to store a large number of electronics needed for the operator's daily tasks.

F1 F2

RDI, through the use of the LAN V2 consoles, ensures the optimal management of the dense concentration of equipment in such operating environments.

F1 F2

The new Control Centre will have liftable consoles equipped with large compartments for computer equipment, supports for monitors, several connectivity points and excellent internal wiring management.

In addition, the project includes auxiliary technical furniture and 24x7 ergonomic seating from the Canadian brand Nightingale Chairs.

The technical furniture of the control room provides the highest level of effectiveness for the operators in managing the systems in the Non-Stop work environment.

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