Dubai Police Al-Faqqa Control Room

Once again, Dubai Police relies on Roomdimensions for the creation of its new control room.


RDI is commissioned to set up a new control center for Dubai Police. The new operational environment has capacity for 82 operators grouped in three different areas: Control Room, Monitoring Count and Crisis Room.

Dubai Police, established in 1956, is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates Police Force. Its mission is to improve the quality of life, in the Country, by operating in accordance with the constitutional rights to enforce the law and maintain security and safety of the community and of everyone living in the Country.

Scope of the Project:

+ Control room design
+ Bill of materials specification
+ Control room set up management
+ Consoles manufacturing and installation
+ 24x7 ergonomic chairs installation
+ Video wall cladding installation



The control room is structured by 5 rows of consoles with 6 operators each. The consoles, CRAE model by RDI, are a technical solution with high added value, designed for environments where a high quality product with a great capacity for technological integration is required. It is a highly modular product that allows the creation of multiple workstations depending on the equipment needs of the workstation.


Each workstation is equipped with a double support for monitors, connectivity on the work surface, induction charger integrated in the board, separators between operators and compartments with drawers at each end of the row.


The crisis room is presided over by an imposing Type A Wave Shape table for 21 operators. The table structure has removable panels for cable management.

This awesome meeting table has the plus of a strong aesthetical look. The surface of the meeting table reaches the floor by a curved phenolic with a rounded edge. It has 5 connectivity points, wireless induction chargers for each operator and Nightingale EC6 leather executive seating.

In addition, the crisis room is completed with an annexed set of 5 LAN consoles for operators. All of them have the characteristic features that RDI's technical furniture offers: ergonomic seating, large capacity for equipment, articulated supports for monitors, wireless induction charger, drawers for documentation, and excellent cable management accessible from different points of the console.



The third space that forms the control center is located on the second level, being elevated above the control center and with visibility over the video wall. It is composed of 4 rows of consoles that provide space for 26 more operators. All of them have articulated supports for monitors, separators between operators, space for think client equipment, ergonomic seating and connectivity in the work area.