RDI implements the new NOC for the highest-level governmental institution in the State of Qatar.

Successful project for RDI with the development of the new IT Network Operations Center, a centralized location where computer, telecommunications and satellite networks systems are monitored and managed 24/7. 

The V-CONCEPT is a control room console concept designed to be a high technological solution for 24x7 operation environments with fine and visually simple workstation systems in order to deliver high-added value to the operators.



V-Concept 5º convex console for 4 operator with 1100mm long cable ducts.

Measures: 6216x1222x944mm (LDH)


Each workpost includes:

+ 2x Single monitor support.

+ 1x Table board access cover to connectivity.

+ 1x Rear doors to access the internal compartment.

+ 1x Back panel to hide the cabling.

+ 1x Wireless charger.

+ 1x CXO chair.

V-CONCEPT performs very well in workplaces with multiple operators as its structure allows a non-interruptive communication along the configuration through the cable trays. This concept is reinforced with its 2 lateral compartments, designed to separate different cabling like data, energy, etc.

It is a simple, intuitive concept console with high standards in technological features and design. Well designed to respect the ergonomics and ensure the correct location of every device commonly needed in these environments. V-CONCEPT is able to solve every important aspect creating cutting-edge technical spaces.


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