4YC Platform: Centralized User and Environment Management


RDI develops and implements an advanced solution for control centres that enables unified management of operations and information from a single centralized point.


This solution is designed to optimize and simplify the management of all operational activities, providing a comprehensive, real-time view of processes. Integrating all functions into a unified platform improves efficiency and facilitates informed decision-making, ensuring that all systems and data are synchronized and immediately accessible.

Manage the entire platform based on users and roles for greater control and efficiency.

The platform is based on the registration of unique users with access to the different project interfaces. Access via browser to the administration area and create users directly within the platform or synchronize them with the Windows active directory to have them always updated and unified in your systems.


Users are sorted according to assigned roles. Create as many roles as you wish to assign permissions covering all aspects of the 4YC platform: permissions on navigation, permissions on access to functions, modules and fonts, and permissions on notifications.


Logically arrange devices by dividing them into environments: Create rooms, segment them into areas and define workstations within these areas.


Link a user to a workstation to allow him to log in and control all elements of his own control console.


Link it to an area or room to allow it to log in to all workstations in that space at your convenience.


Set a user's influence over an area, a room or the entire project to determine how information is managed in your control center. The user with an assigned environment will be able to receive notifications, browse statistics and view real-time information.

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