T-Line, an extraordinarily compact console that groups all the installed elements together, facilitating cable management.

T-Line is a console designed for the organisation of operations areas such as emergency centres, railway, port or airport operations centres, traffic control centres, crisis rooms, command centers or any 24x7 operations control environment.


It is a compact console in terms of dimensions and with an interior structure with a wide range of possibilities in regard to the location of the equipment. Its design takes special care of the operator's position with respect to all the elements to interact, favouring the ergonomics of the workstation.




The T-Line console consists of a totem-shaped metallic structure in the central part which allows the location of 19" format equipment or PC's placed on a removable tray. The structure is equipped with power and data sockets.

The inclined structure in the upper area is designed to support monitors. It provides a high aesthetic level while increasing the storage capacity for electronics.

The multiposition configurations are created by linking operator consoles across the board, giving the sets an extraordinary flexibility in form, angulation, and measurements.

F1 F2
F1 F2

T-Line takes special care of the wiring circuit and connection areas, ensuring maximum protection of the installed equipment and continuity of the wiring throughout the entire configuration.

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