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    The audiovisual systems are one of the most important elements in a control room, which facilitate the strategic process management and improve the daily operations.

    RoomDimensions is able to fully develop any kind of audiovisual infrastructure, complex or simple, with the most advanced technology on the market, and first level business partners.

    Rear-projection systems, Display Walls (LCD, Plasma), meeting room systems, TFT Displays, LCD's,...

    KVM technology improves the way that operators work in critical operations environments where the management of several PC´s is needed to be done simultaneously. Allows centralizing IT equipment in the Data Center and extend the signal from the keyboard, mouse, audio and USB to the operator's desk, enabling at the same time all the PCs to be managed through only one keyboard and a mouse.

    Equipment centralization, Maintenance agility, Less noise in the environment, Less heat dissipation, Improves desk's ergonomics, Increases security.

    RoomDimensions develops, plans and executes the necessary infrastructure for a control room, having in mind the environmental needs and the different operator workposts when providing multiple connectivity solutions, thus increasing the value added features of the environment.

    The proper design of different services will optimize the energetic consumption and facilitate the maintenance of the rooms as well as previously detect possible error points in the networks.

    Structured cabling through technical flooring or ceiling , from the server room to the different workposts, considering services redundancy and appropriate wire isolations to minimize electrical interferences.

    Must take into account the environmental factors in order to determine the kind of lighting and the right lights to use such as:
    -Outdoor lighting, audiovisual systems, minimum light requiered, intensity regulation system by zone.

    Must consider different types of lighting and its intensity regulation, to weaken or improve the contrast of the audiovisual systems and to minimize the visual weariness of the operators.

    Background lighting, direct lighting,  indirect lighting:

    RoomDimensions develops air conditioning solutions (HVAC) specifically for 24x7 environments, adapted to the needs of the user and the environment.
    We think about the location, the environment density, energy dissipations, safety mechanisms and redundancy to guarantee the continuity of service.
    The solution of the air conditioning (HAVC) always goes hand in hand with its correct integration in the environment, allowing to increase the added value of the project through its funcionality.

    Supply and installation of high performance biometric access controls with a modern design. Reading the employee fingerprints, checks the operator´s identity and registers his arrival and departure time from the control room.

    Total control of the arrivals, exits or absences of the personnel. According to the current legislation, the product fulfills the Protection of personal data law requirements.
    << CCTV

    Nowadays, closed circuit television (CCTV), plays a key role regarding safety of persons and property.

    The video over IP equipment allows the management and viewing of any live video signal, via any network access or anywhere in the world via the Internet.

    -Improved quality of image.
    -Improved integration with other systems.
    -Value for money.
    -Simplicity of wiring
    -Increased capacity of recording.
    -Centralized management.
    -Intelligent video analysis.