Ergo Solutions / Wireless Chargers

RDI incorporates a revolutionary wireless charging system using MINIBATT series FI80 devices specifics for furniture. These are integrated in all models of our consoles of the range KOMPAS and CRAE.
The wireless charge is a convenient, easy and practical service for private spaces (control centers, workstations, offices, meeting rooms ...) and for public spaces (libraries, hotels, waiting rooms ...). The charging point is identified with an icon on which the device will be placed.

The aim is to reinforce the technological character of the different ranges of consoles, increasing the performance and added value of the product through innovative solutions that allow the user to enjoy a more connected, autonomous and cable-free working environment.
The charging element will be supplied with a USB cable and a transformer, which will be connected to the own connectivity system integrated in the control consoles.
Wireless battery chargers work without cables and are invisibly installed beneath the console work surface. They have been developed with the most innovative electronic components, including Medium Power technology that allows charging both: 5V (smartphones) and 9V (tablets), in fast charging mode.

Without complications
MiniBatt Wireless chargers and receivers are easy to use and install on any work surface, whether consoles or meeting tables. In addition, they are manufactured with the best induction coils to maximize the charging area.

Without limits
MiniBatt Wireless is compatible with all mobile devices that incorporate standard Qi wireless charging technology (Samsung S6, S7, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z4V ...) 

Placing the device on the loading surface... Magic happens! Just by leaving the Smartphone or Tablet on the icon that indicates where the device is located, the charging will start without cables or plugs.
Qi & PMA technology
Qi technology is an inductive charging standard of the Wirless Power Consortium that allows you to charge smartphones and different devices without having to connect them directly. List of compatible phones.
PMA technology is an inductive load standard of the Powers Matters Alliance that allows you to charge smartphones and different devices without having to connect them directly.
And for those mobiles that do not incorporate Qi technology, the solution is called miniBatt PowerRING. MiniBatt PowerRING is a practical, easy-to-use wireless dual receiver that can charge any device with micro USB connection or Apple connection. Just connect the device to the proper PowerRING connection and place it on the surface of the wireless charger.

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