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The design of the T-Line console is based on a simple, rounded, balanced and robust concept. An attentive search for ergonomics, considering the position of operator’s legs and feet to the slanted base of the console, enabling a comfortable position. The versatile T-Line easily allows modularity by creating multiple consoles. The backdoor provides a simple and comfortable way to access its wide storage area.

The console allows a perfectly structured inner wiring. The cabling gets through the console from the bottom, and thanks to the inner holes, all the cabling can be brided along different paths of the structure.

Option a: A removable shelve ensures a perfect displacement of the pc for an easy access and an efficient cabling management. The sockets can be located on the back of the compartment on 4U available in 2 separate 2U zones that don't interfere with the space for equipment.

Option b: The totem is provided by 1x 19” fixed shelve to locate small electronic equipment. In the top zone of the totem, when opening the door, there is a patch panel with space for 16x rj45 for phone connectors. Using only partially the 10U space in the compartment, sockets can be located also in the front 19".

The T-Line console has with multiple connectivity points for an easy management of the wiring.
a. Wireless charger: Wireless induction device charger integrated below the table board. Small tag on top of the board to point its location.
b. Cabling: pass-through cabling holes for keyboard and mouse cables to the structure.
c. Connectivity spots: different kind of sockets available. Included with the console 2 spots with a total of 4x RJ45 + 4x USB + 2x power outlet.

Through the back door, the access to the monitor cabling area gets easier: cabling can enter to the monitor area from the table board by different pass-through holes. Also, a spot for energy strip can be located in the monitor support.

The table board support below the working zone is divided into one central zone, and two lateral zones used for different utilities: The center zone is destined to keep the keyboard, mouse, etc, with direct access to USB sockets, and the lateral zones, which are destined to keep the office material.

An electronic compartment can be added next to the consoles of the operators to increase the capacity for the equipment. It adapts to the geometry of the consoles and facilitates the passage of the wiring. The internal structure is standardized to be able to attach equipment or trays of 19".

Our engineers have put into practice the Human Factors and Ergonomics (commonly referred to as HF&E) - or comfort design, functional design, and systems, in order to take proper account of the interaction between the V-Console itself and the operator. It guarantees a perfect organization of the working area, taking into account all the elements that a place of work of these features requires.

The T-LINE has been ergonomically designed according to the criteria of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and following the standards of the UNE-EN ISO 11064 (Ergonomic design for control centers).

The T-LINE allows for monitor placing all along the work post and offers an easy and comfortable way to modify, add or remove monitors.

The elegant version of the T-Line, a console that not only has all the necessary technological requirements, but a strong contemporary look in glossy black finish.

Designed for control rooms where aesthetics is also a determining factor.

Perfect for optimized and compact work environments, where modularity and capacity depend on the number of structures to be used.

Optimal for small rooms, but is capable to house as much electronic equipment as the regular T-Line version.
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