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We dispose of a wide range of ergonomic solutions that complement all the product ranges, aiming at facilitating the serviceability of all embedded accessories and elements, increasing thus the degree of comfort for the end user.

Lighting systems | articulated monitor supports | PC supports


The monitor arms play a fundamental role in ensuring the ergonomy of the work environment. A monitor support enables the installation of one or various screens at an appropriate height, making possible for the user to maintain at all times a correct posture. This way, the monitor supports increase the comfort and educe stress-related injuries in arms, shoulders and lower back. A practical benefit of the monitor supports is that they are mounted in such way as to occupy the lest of space on the worksurface.


Lighting is a key element in the configuration of the workposts. We dispose of a wide range of lighting solutions for control workposts based on cold light illumination.

RDI lamp is the perfect solution for the technical work environments. The design of its arm and swivel head make it ergonomically fit for 24x7 workposts. It does not flash or glare and disposes of a long life cycle.

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