New control center for the Belgian railway sector.

Roomdimensions has just completed the installation of a new control center for the railway traffic management in Belgium.

The Liège Tramway is a light rail network that will serve the Belgian city of Liège and its metropolitan area. It is planned to create a line running parallel to the Meuse River and split into two branches to the north, one of which will cross the river.


The creation of this network will represent the reintroduction of the tramway in the city as a means of transport, however this time with fully dedicated rails and better equipment. It is scheduled to open in October 2023.

The ergonomic requirements of Control Centres are constantly evolving, that is why the LITE console range already has the height-adjustable option as it is a key point for improving performance.

RDI has worked on the creation of several operating environments such as the control center itself and other annex rooms. 

The scope of the project consists of all the technical furniture, control consoles, auxiliary furniture (filing modules, printing modules, lockers with security locks), ergonomic CXO chairs, task lighting and monitor supports. All consoles can be raised and can be used both seated and standing, adapting to the needs of each operator. In addition, they are fully customized for the customer by adding the necessary technology for the management of the control center.

The structure of the consoles allows the conduction of all wiring through the functional arch, allowing easy and simple access at different points of the console (compartments and connectivity points in the work area).

F1 F2
F1 F2

With this project, RDI consolidates its position as a leading company in the creation of control centers for the railway sector.

Some of the benefits of alternating sitting and standing work:


  • Reduced back pain
  • Improvement and increase in physical and emotional well-being
  • Productivity increase
  • Reduction of cardiovascular risks

Features of the new LITE Hight Regulation System:

  • On board connectivity
  • Excellent cabling management
  • Functional Arch: structural element which distributes the cabling along the console.
  • Customisable corporate sides.
  • Ergonomics: Allows to combine the operator position: sit or stand. From 722mm lower position (sit) to 1140 mm upper position (stand).

RDI relies on CONSOLE LITE to equip operating environments that require a very competitive technological solution, capable of managing the necessary equipment and with a high added value.