RDI will update the ETAP Control Room in Ampolla, Spain, which was already developed for the client 10 years ago.

The CAT, Consorci Aigues de Tarragona, awards Roomdimensions the implementation of new audiovisual infrastructure and the entire management system based on Roomdimensions 4YC solution.


The object of the contract is the execution of the necessary works to carry out the implementation of the new audiovisual infrastructure in the control center of the ETAP of L'Ampolla, consisting of:

  • 2x Audiovisual system in 2x2 matrix of 55".

  • Audiovisual partition for the mounting of both audiovisual systems with corporate paneling.

  • 4YC V.O.I.P. audiovisual management system to control the signals from the control center both in the video walls and in the workstations.

  • 27" and 49" widescreen monitors with dual resolution for control center operators.

  • Articulated supports for widescreen monitors.


The project includes the replacement of the existing visualization system with a new one consisting of two 2x2 matrix video walls with 55" BARCO UniSee monitors. These new video wall matrices will be located in front of the 4-operator console supplied by Roomdimensions, which will continue to be used in the control center.


The video wall matrixes will be mounted on an audiovisual partition adapted to the dimensions of the 55" UniSee monitors and their structural support, which allows the LCM panel to be moved. The partition allows the anchoring of the support itself and the movement or removal of the appropriate panels to facilitate installation and maintenance.

The whole system of video walls and monitors will be managed through a VOIP 4YC audiovisual management solution by Roomdimensions that will control the graphic signals coming from the PCs and servers.


The management system will be based on the encoding of these signals and their decoding in the different audiovisual systems of the operational environment. These video signals will have to be visible both in the new videowall matrices and in the operator sites and also on the totem screens located at the entrance of the center independently.


In terms of video wall management, the content of each of the screens will be managed by a 4YC application customized for the Consorci d'Aigües de Tarragona in both the format and corporate identity.


The 4YC platform allows the creation of users in order to manage the different access permissions to the platform. The control center operators will be able to register and call the different signals to display them on their screens simultaneously, in the layout they consider convenient and control them in real time.

Roomdimensions' 4YC allows the distribution of content over the control room's audiovisual systems, while operators can recall these signals and operate them freely.

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