Control Room for the OIL-GAS market in the Middle East

Together with Al Juraid, our partner in Saudi Arabia, we have carried out another prestigious project for the OIL-GAS market in the Middle East that consists of more than 100 control consoles fully customized and equipped to carry out data management tasks and critical operations. 

The project is distributed over several operational zones and the consoles that make up each of these zones are perfectly adapted to the tasks that will be performed by their operators.

For this purpose we have chosen LAN console, a product that meets the needs of today's workstations and whose strengths are its modular capacity, organization and robustness. LAN provides a large number of technical solutions that facilitate adaptation to the environment in which it is located.

For example, the distribution and management of structured cabling or the possibility of creating multi-length workstations and using compartments of different sizes and uses to house both electronic equipment and storage space for the operator himself.

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