Control Center for a Town Hall, Barcelona, Spain

RDI supplies all the consoles and Videowall for the new security Command Center in a Town Hall next to Barcelona, Spain.

The control room has been designed and customized to control and monitor all the CCTV infrastructure implemented for the municipality around the city. The space counts with two Operating Rooms, one director’s office, one GU office room and a crisis room

The whole area is organized with the new LAN V2 console, which has been totally redefined to be adapted to the new control room requirements. The 30 operators dispose of a new work environment which increases the technical capacity for equipment and perfectly solves the cabling management and connectivity location.

By the other side, every console is completed with all the ergonomic accessories needed in a command centre to make easier and more comfortable the daily work, like the seating solution: the 
CXO chair from Nightingale.

From the AV scope of the project, two large videowalls from BARCO have been supplied, both with the same features and dimensions, defined by 2 videowalls 6x2 55" LCD (KVD5521), electronics and CMS software management to operate with it and the Milestone integration.
F1 F2
F1 F2
O P E R A T I N G   R O O M   C G M

Dimensions: 9,45 x 4,84 m²
Total area: 44,81 m²
Workplaces: 4 operators
Audiovisuals: Operators: 1 x 49"/op
Videowall: BARCO KVD552 6x2 - 55"
File modules: 3 units

C R I S I S   R O O M

Dimensions: 5,16 x 4,16 m²
Total area: 21,47 m²
Workplaces: 8 users
Audiovisuals: AV Totem 2x LCD 55"

O P E R A T I N G   R O O M   G U

Dimensions: 10,15 x 8,35 m²
Total area: 84,75 m²
Workplaces: 8 Operators & 1 Supervisor
Audiovisuals: Operator & Supervisor: 1 x 49"/op
Videowall: BARCO KVD552 6x2 - 55"
File modules: 3 units

Lan Console V2 is a product that seeks the maximum effectiveness and balance in terms of cost-performance ratio. It is a highly robust and reliable product that provides efficient solutions for the organization of simple and highly flexible 24x7 operations environments.

Multiple Connectivity spots LAN console allows you to customize the number of voice, data and power sockets required and place them in different areas of the workstation, optimizing the arrangement of computer equipment and peripherals connected and increasing the security of them.

Blocked System DSS A system that ensures the security of the equipment by blocking doors.

Flexible Monitor System to adapt to the operator needs.

Wide compartment for equipment The different range of available compartments is a fundamental pillar in the LAN console, as they allow locating the computer equipment inside and they become the structural feet of the console, simplifying the installation and the number of pieces to use.

Energy Lighting System Used to indicate working groups, operators availability or corporate image signalling.

Removable cover (19" uprights data & power) Destined to ease the management of wiring and installation of equipment.

Device Support System It is an accessory integrated into the structure of the console and allows the location of all the connectivity, small computer and electronic equipment, such as PC’s, SFF, KVM, and Thin Client. The DSS allows an optimal organization of technological resources in the workplace while keeping all equipment perfectly covered and organized.

Space for personal storage and documentation Destined to keep the office material in the drawer or below the work surface.

Wireless charger Battery Chargers without wires for compatible devices placed below the work surface. A milled tag in the table board allows knowing the position.