Meeting Room for RTA Control Room in Dubai, EC3

Roomdimensions supplies technical furniture to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Control Center in Dubai, also known as EC3.

Sheikhs Mohammed bin Rashid & Hamdan bin Mohammed giving a presentation on the RTA Dubai with the meeting consoles supplied by RDI.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched an enterprise command and control centre, the EC3, which will act as a unified platform linking various control centres of the Authority’s operational agencies with an integrated central control unit. According to the authority, the command and control centre will prop up the RTA’s efforts in easing traffic congestions and improve customers’ transit experience.

Roomdimensions has supplied the 2 meeting consoles for the Golden and Silver Crisis Rooms,  the 7 operator consoles, and all the CXO chairs (30u). Both crisis consoles are equipped for 15 users.

Opening of the RTA Dubai’s Enterprise Command & Control Centre. The centre is the biggest and most sophisticated of its kind worldwide.

F1 F2


Ergonomic chairs mod. CXO for 24x7 environments. Golden room: Full leather black, Silver room: Full leather grey.


Induction charger: Cellphone charger under the desk for each operator marked on the tableboard with a small battery icon.


Internal board: Center of the oval shape is closed with a board covered in 4mm thick glass with a customized color vynil.


Work surfaces: Made of compact phenolic resin, 18mm. thick.


Led light: A led strip under the console and under the board on the inside of the table with decorative purpose. RGB lighting with color regulation.


Structure: Triangular section, uninterrupted all along the desk. Made of high quality steel sheet that alloes cabling conduction through its interior. More space for equipment in the center of the table.


External covers: Made of compact phenolic resin, 4mm thick. Removable by means of 6 screws to access to the desk structure.


Dinamic3 reverse: Built entirely of aluminum and black edged anti-glare glass. The screen rises and leans, and it has an additional 180º rotation movement, and retracs inside the work surface in two different positions, with the monitor oriented up or down. The screen’s lifting system automatically activates the elevation of the keyboard and mouse tray.


Phone charger: Induction charger under the table board. The device is inside the table structure, not on the legs of the operator, so all the cabling can be managed inside the desk.


Managing and accessibility: All the structure is comunicated so the cabling can go through all the workposts uninterrupted. The structure is accessible through the covers located on the front part of the desk.