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KOMPAS console is a new concept of control console that aims to provide a high technological degree to the 24x7 operations environments, using simple and visually light work systems, focusing efforts on providing the maximum value to the user.

KOMPAS console is a high-end solution with excellent technical performance, having as main objective the organization of all the necessary technology in the operator's workplace, as well as the optimization and management of the structured cabling, while enabling to easily connect the equipment to the power and data networks.


KOMPAS Console allows a high degree of customization based on the necessities of each client, enabling a facile customization of the exterior finish of the console using the corporate image or main colors and finishes of the operating environment itself.

At the same time, it allows to locate a high quantity of connectivity elements both within the structure of the
Functional Arc as well as integrated in the work surface itself.

The console also integrates a LED lighting system at both ends of the Functional Arc, aiming at increasing the indoor signaling in the control center as well as at strengthening the technological character of the solution.

KOMPAS console has been ergonomically designed according to the criteria of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and following the standards of the UNE-EN ISO 11064 (Ergonomic design for control centers).


KOMPAS Console introduces a newly created element called Functional Arc, which is inspired from the avant-garde architecture of the XXIst century and serves as the backbone of the entire product.
Located at the rear part of the console, it enables the smart management of all structured cabling, as well as the location of power, voice and data jacks in its interior, while facilitating the installation of all core elements such as the lateral supports and work surfaces.


KOMPAS console disposes of various points of connectivity, fully customizable, facilitating thus the connection of all the equipment required by the operator in his daily work.

A Rail Support System is placed between the worksurface and Functional Arc, destined to the placement of monitor poles in all its extension, adapting to the required quantity and size of monitors and allowing free continuous movement all along the workpost.

KOMPAS range disposes of a wide variety of closed 19” compartments for placement of electronic components, which are located beneath the structure, so that the wiring between the FUNCTIONAL ARC and the compartment is direct.

KOMPAS provides an extensive range of archive and printing modules, made in the same image and likeness with the control consoles, as well as a full range of mobile filing drawers destined to the use of the operators
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