Why 4YC?

4YC (For Your Control) is an all-in-one Command & Control Centre Solution which combines features of KVM matrix, videowall control and smart workspace.

- No KVM Server required
- No Video Wall Matrix required
- No HDMI/KVM Extender required
- No LED Wall Controller required
- No Input Preview Card required to watch real time content
- No limit on the channels of source and quantity of videowall display

Command & Control Centre Solution by IP Based KVM Video Collaboration System

The 4YC video collaboration system allows different ways of displaying information to be configured through the operator's workspace. 


The DS 4YC is a graphical platform that allows the management of all network signals and displays them on the videowall through a custom-designed interface that can control different elements. The signals can be pc's, lighting, air conditioning, curtains, alarms, CCTV ...  


There is a graphical platform that allows the management of all the signals of the network showing them on the videowall, by means of a platform that can be designed to measure and that has the option to control different elements.

El videowall can be monitored:

- Via wireles through an iPad
- Via PC through DS 4YC App

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