Case studies


University of Hail IT-Cyber Room, Saudi Arabia

Roomdimensions has been awarded the project for the creation of the IT-Cyber Room for the University of Hail, Saudi Arabia.


Renovation of the Gran Telescopio de Canarias Control Center

Roomdimensions is the company selected to refurbish the control center of one of the world's largest optical telescopes.


Israel Police Framework: New control centre

As a continuation of the Israel Police control centres' macro remodelling project, Roomdimensions is preparing the delivery of a new phase: Mashlat-South.


New operational environment for the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait

Kuwait is investing significantly in the country's security infrastructure. This involves surveillance technology and security systems to protect its borders. For this reason, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) is relying on Roomdimensions to implement new Control Centers to incorporate advanced monitoring systems, surveillance cameras and other electronic devices at its land and maritime borders.


New RDI project: Control and Surveillance Room of the Special Force of Diplomatic Security in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The development of the Joint Security Operations Room in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh is part of the Smart Riyadh Program, a strategic initiative of the Royal Commission for Riyadh City that aims to develop Riyadh’s important and strategic neighborhoods, most importantly the Diplomatic Quarter.



RAKTA Control Centre, UAE

RDI has just completed its latest project for RAKTA (RAK Transport Authority) in the United Arab Emirates, a control center for public transport management.


Control Centre for the marine sector

Roomdimensions, a leading company in the creation of control centres, has implemented the technical furniture for a new control centre in Lisbon, Portugal. This 24x7 operations environment dedicated to the maritime sector features LAN V2 & LITE consoles in the multiple operational areas of the control centre.


National Train Control Centre (NTCC) in the Heuston Station, Dublin, Ireland.

RDI in cooperation with INDRA SISTEMAS, a Spanish multinational company in the information and communication technologies sector, has developed and instaled the project "National Train Control Centre (NTCC)". Conolly Station, which has managed train control by and large for the last 40 years on the Irish railway network, has reached its capacity and has been remodeled and moved major part of its activity to a new site at Heuston Station, the National Train Control Centre (NTCC).


New NOC for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Kuwait.

RDI develops the new NOC for the Kuwait MOFA, a site endowed with the best technological solutions for continuous operations environments.


Philips Medical Control Room

New control room in Israel for the leader in health technology: PHILIPS.


RDI implements a new NOC (Network Operations Center) in Dubai, UAE, for Sharjah Police.

The project consists of an operating environment that includes some of our most relevant products such as the V-CONCEPT EVO consoles fully adapted to the client's needs or the meeting tables from the MEETING SOLUTIONS range.


DEWA: Al Ruwayyah Smart Center

New RDI project for DEWA. The Command Center, located in the Smart Grid Station (SGS) in Al Ruwayyah, Dubai, is part of DEWAs efforts to implement technologies that link smart buildings for the exchange of information, improve energy and water efficiency, and optimize renewable energy in smart cities.


Strategic project for the Saudi Public Administration

RDI completes a new operational center that includes 2 control centers, a meeting room, a reception area and several annex offices, such as the director's and supervisor's offices and auxiliary offices:



New Control Center for CITC (Communications & Information Technology Commission)

CITC Government Agency counts on Roomdimensions for the development of its BMS Control Center in Saudi Arabia.


New command center for Middle East banking sector

RDI enhances its position in the Saudi banking market by providing a new control room with the LAN range of consoles.


Dubai Police Al-Faqqa Control Room

Once again, Dubai Police relies on Roomdimensions for the creation of its new control room.


New Control Room for MOWASALAT

RDI is in charge of the development and implementation of a new control room for MOWASALAT, a transport provider in the State of Qatar. This is a reference project in Qatar due to the large investment in internal mobility systems that is being carried out due to the main sports event in the world: the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022. Mowasalat will see its passenger volume increase due to the FIFA World CUP 2022 to be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18, 2022. It will be the first World Cup to be celebrated in the Arab world.


Implementation of a new audiovisual system in the ETAP Control Center (Tarragona, Spain).

The project is based on the renovation of the audiovisual and management infrastructure for the control center of the Potable Water Treatment Plant (ETAP) located in l'Ampolla, Spain.


RDI supplies technical furniture for the Mowasalat's new control room

Mowosalat relies on Roomdimensions for the creation of its new control center.


Secursat SOC: A technological HUB in the heart of Milan

Much more than a control room, a real Technological Hub, born as an innovative concept that is used both for security monitoring and as a showroom in the heart of Milan: it is the SECURSAT SOCSecurity Operations Center – developed in partnership with our partner in Italy.


DEWA: Al Ruwayyah Smart Center

New RDI project for DEWA. The Command Center, located in the Smart Grid Station (SGS) in Al Ruwayyah, Dubai, is part of DEWAs efforts to implement technologies that link smart buildings for the exchange of information, improve energy and water efficiency, and optimize renewable energy in smart cities.



Control room for EUSKOTREN

RDI has implemented the new Atxuri Train Station control room for EUSKOTREN, the leading transport operator in the Basque Country (Spain), which transports more than 30 million people every year. The control room is destined to manage rail traffic and factors at a functional level have been taken into account, so the Kompas console and specific CXO seating for non-stop operations environments have been incorporated.



SAIH de las Cuencas Intracomunitarias de Andalucía Control Center

The project has considered the global design of the 24x7 operations environment, including the control and meeting room, the supply of consoles with specific Nightingale seating, BARCO 4x2 55" KVD video wall and our 4YC (For Your Control) IP video management platform.


Control room for the Saudi telecom regulator

Roomdimensions was commissioned to develop a new reference project for the Saudi telecommunication regulator. The mission of the control room is to maintain the security of data at the organization. To cover the 24/7 uninterrupted operative, the operators rotate in three shifts, so it must be ergonomically adaptable to the needs of each operator.



Roomdimensions was commissioned to develop, in Riyadh, the new CITC SOC (Security Operation Centres) with the aim to maintain the security of data at the organization. It requires that the operatively must be 24/7. To cover this uninterrupted activity, there are three shifts of operators who rotate on the same workplace, so it must be ergonomically adaptable to the needs of each operator.



OCC Arabia Saudí Control Room

In collaboration with INDRA, Roomdimensions was commissioned to fully equip the OCC for the High speed Railway between Meca & Medina. The project scope includes the supply and installation of all the operator workposts in the Main Control Room as well as the supply and installation of the meeting room, defining all the key elements for an environment of critical operations like this. 




Ferrexpo Control Room

RDI developes the control room for Ferrexpo, which is used to deal with the activity of the company. Ferrexpo is an iron ore pellet producer with mines in Ukraine and sales operations around the world. We have been mining, processing and selling high quality iron ore pellets to the global steel industry for over 40 years.

The consoles are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology such as wireless charger integrated in the work surface, triple & double monitor supports, departments for electronics and connectivity, hinged covers to access to the power, data & usb sockets & led lighting system installed at both sides of each console to increase its value.


Control room for Altrac Light Rail, Sydney

The CBD and South East Light Rail is a new 12 km route light rail network for Sydney, currently under construction. Civil construction will be progressively completed across the majority of construction zones in 2018.

The CSELR will be delivered, operated and maintained by a private operating company appointed for the Sydney Light Rail network as part of a Public Private Partnership (PPP). The PPP contract has been awarded to the ALTRAC Light Rail consortium. ALTRAC will finance the CSELR project and will also have responsibility for the existing Inner West Light Rail.

Roomdimensions has developed a control room with the corresponding equipment to manage the rail traffic. The space counts with a OCC Control Room equipped with 6 workstations for 5 operators and 1 supervisor, and a Technical Control Room with 1 more workstation. Also, a large videowall composed by 6x 55” screens has been installed to complete the operation environment. 


Control Room for Leumi Bank, Israel

Bank Leumi is an Israeli bank founded on 1902 to promote the industry, construction, agriculture, and infrastructure of the land hoped to ultimately become Israel. Today, Bank Leumi is Israel's largest bank with overseas offices in Luxembourg, US, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico, Uruguay, Romania, Jersey, and China.

Roomdimensions has developed one of the operations center in Tel Aviv. The space counts with a control room operated by 20 employees occupying a total area of 381,28m². It has been equipped using the T-Line console solution.


Al Rajhi Bank NOC

The Al Rajhi Bank is a Saudi Arabian bank and the world's largest Islamic bank by capital. The bank is a major investor in Saudi Arabia's business and is one of the largest joint stock companies in the Kingdom, with over SR 330.5 billion in AUM ($88 billion) and over 600 branches. Al Rajhi Bank also has branches in Kuwait and Jordan, and a subsidiary in Malaysia.

Roomdimensions (RDI) has developed 5 control rooms, giving place to a total of 67 operators.


KNPC 21 Users Meeting Table

A subsidiary of KPC with operations focusing on the downstream sector, KNPC is Kuwait’s only Refining Company. They provide the local market with all Fuel needs, including Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene and Gas. These and other products are also catered towards the international markets.
Roomdimensions Ibérica (RDI) has developed a huge meeting table equipped for 21 users. Every work post is fully furnished with the most technological equipment to guarantee a comfortable and easy meeting.



Metro Ligero Oeste Control Room

Roomdimensions accomplishes through IECISA (El Corte Inglés Computing) the remodeling of the “Metro Ligero Oeste“ command post located in Madrid. The scope of the action has aimed at the total modernization of the environment, updating audiovisual systems, coatings and vertical panels, KVM system, control consoles and ergonomic solutions of the center.


DGT Sevilla Control Room

Roomdimensions has equipped the control room for the Dirección General de Trafico- DGT (or the General Traffic Authority) located in Seville, Spain, through the temporary consortium known as UTE formed by the SICE-SISTEM. The DGT is an autonomous organism dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Interior responsible for the enforcement of the road policy.


Israel Airports Authority (Flight Simulation)

Israel Airports Authority (IAA) is a government corporate in charge of operation handling maintenance and development of civil airports in Israel. The IAA serves also as ANSP and is responsible for the operation and development of all civilian ATM services in Israel, which include 4 Towers (the fifth 
starts operation in March) and 2 Area Control Centers.
Roomdimensions has developed a specific LAN console taking into account the required tools to manage the flight simulation centers such as number of monitors, cabling, electronic modules... Thanks to the recent agreement reached with IAA, all the consoles will be supplied by Roomdimensions during the process of reshufflement.


ICL Control Room Center

Roomdimensions supplies the control room centre for the Israeli company ICL. The project has been developed thanks to the strategic alliance between RDI, Fibernet & DM companies.
ICL is a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals, fulfils humanity’s essential needs, primarily in three markets: agriculture, food and engineered materials. ICL’s operations are supported by worldwide distribution and supply chains. Their mining and production sites are located in  Israel, Europe, North and South America and China employing 13,000 people worldwide.

control room has an area of 268 m2 and capacity for 20 workers divided into 16 operators and 4 supervisors. Every operation work post consists of 4x24” monitors for the operators and a single 24” monitor for the supervisors. Also, space counts with four audiovisual videowalls provided by a 45” LCD monitor each one located on the corners.


BOCC Saudi Arabia Control Room

Roomdimensions supplies the control room of the Haramain High Speed Rail Project in Saudi Arabia.

In collaboration with INDRA, Roomdimensions was commissioned to fully equip the BOCC for the High speed Railway between Meca & Medina. The project scope includes the supply and installation of all the operator workposts in the Main Control Room as well as the supply and installation of the technical furniture and ergonomic accessories in the adjacent environments to the control room, defining all the key elements for an environment of critical operations like this. 


Meeting Room Dubai Government RTA

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched an enterprise command and control centre, the EC3, which will act as a unified platform linking various control centres of the Authority’s operational agencies with an integrated central control unit. According to the authority, the command and control centre will prop up the RTA’s efforts in easing traffic congestions and improve customers’ transit experience.

Roomdimensions has supplied the 2 meeting consoles for the Golden and Silver Crisis Rooms,  the 7 operator consoles, and all the CXO chairs (30u). Both crisis consoles are equipped for 15 users.


RDI brand new offices

Due to the growth and positioning of the company, Roomdimensions Ibérica has moved its offices to the technological centre of Barcelona, the innovative district of 22@: two hundred hectares of industrial territory in Poblenou that offers modern spaces for the strategic concentration of intensive activities and headquarters of large corporations such as Indra, Schneider Electric, Vodafone, Gas Natural, Mediapro, among many others.

This new bet aims to provide RDI with a space that is in line with the business model developed and become a show room where RDI can show all of his customers the different solutions manufactured for control centers and 24x7 operations environments. In a way, the new facilities will play the role of a great showroom where all product ranges can be evaluated and analyzed, within a newly created environment that transmits the philosophy that RDI implements in its own projects.

In addition of RDI's own solutions, it will be possible to find all the accessory solutions for the workstations, such as different ranges of chairs for 24x7 environments and adjacent areas, ergonomic solutions to organize LCD monitors and auxiliary lighting systems for the workspace. With this change of scene, RDI makes an important commitment to equip itself with the best conditions to reinforce its brand image and increase its positioning in the control center market.


CIVICAT Room, Servei Català de Trànsit

CIVICAT Control Room remodellation project, through SICE, for the Servei Català de Trànsit located in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčwhich consists of:
Operator control consoles, auxiliary furniture and ergonomic solutions 24x7.
The project is composed of Lite consoles range, an eminently technical and specific solution for 24x7 operations environments, which bases its design on a rear functional arc that allows the management of all the wiring infrastructure and the location of the connectivity at the workpost. The functional arc allows quick access for installation and maintenance.


Dubai Police Command Center

Roomdimensions, through its local partner, has been adjudicated the new Dubai Police Command Center, providing a global solution for the operational environment, which includes the space design as well as the supply of the technical furniture and ergonomic solutions for the operators.
The LAN console range has been used for the project, since it offers an excellent design with innovative features, allowing a perfectly neat workpost with all the necessary technological components.
In addition, the 24x / CXO chairs are integrated by the manufacturer Nightingale.  CXO chairs are the best technical solution for continuous operations environments, providing a high degree of comfort and adaptability to the user.



Dubai Police Noc Rooms

Roomdimensions Iberica cooperates with Dubai Police, via its local partner, for the development of three NOC (Network Operation Centers) located within
the new Penitentiary Centre in DUBAI. Each NOC is equipped with eight operator workposts whose mission is to control the entire infrastructure of the

The project was developed using the new range of LAN consoles, which allows you to create highly ergonomic and visually light work environments, with a fully open technical solution that provides a highly aesthetic value to the environment. Each user workpost integrates an area for the location of the computer equipment, which is integrated in the very own structure of the control console, and a rear compartment called "Device Support System" destined to the location of peripherals, SFF equipment and all connectivity elements.


TRA Control Room

Roomdimensions has equiped the new Telecomunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) control room, located in Dubai. The space is divided into 2 main environments: Main Control Room & Crisis Room.

The proposal for the operator workposts located in the Main Control Room employs the LAN console product range, a top product of high performance which excels in versatility and adaptation to the 24x7 environments, where it is necessary to count on innovative products, with the most advanced technological image and features from the point of view of cable management and connectivity of located computer equipment. The structure of LAN console enables the entry and effective conduction of cabling from the raised floor all along the workpost uninterruptedly.


EMMAR Properties Control Room

Roomdimensions has equipped the new EMAAR Command Centre located in Dubai, conceived as such to comprise a Main NOC Area, with one annex Meeting Room and an Open Area.
Emaar Properties is one of the world’s most valuable and admired real estate development companies. With proven competencies in property, shopping malls & retail and hospitality & leisure, Emaar shapes new lifestyles with a focus on design excellence, build quality and timely delivery.
The proposal for the operator and supervisor workposts located in the Main NOC Area employs the LAN console product range, a top product of high performance which excels in versatility and adaptation to the 24x7 environments. The LAN console range allows to plan perfectly ordered work posts for the operators, providing for an efficient cable management, special compartments integrated into its structure for the location of computer equipment as well as for filling 2 drawer modules designed in the same image as the workstation for the use of the operators.


Governmental Institution Control Room

Roomdimensions has equipped a Governmental Institution depending of the Israeli Ministry of Interior. The Crae Console linear configuration has been used in the project, which is especially designed for the organization of emergency and crisis environments, where capable solutions are required for the integration of the communications and connectivity solutions. At the same time it provides great modularity and robustness to the product.


Training Room

Roomdimensions Ibérica, through its local partner in Israel, has developed a new project for the Defense market.
The project has been developed with the new range of LAN consoles, for creating highly ergonomic work environments and great visual lightness, a kind of wide open technical solution that provides high esthetic value to the environment. Each user disposes of a zone for the location of computer equipment, which is integrated into the structure of the control console, and a rear compartment called "Device Support System" to locate peripherals, SFF equipments and all the connectivity elements.


Ministry of Energy Control Centre

The Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources is responsible for the supply and management of energy and the natural resources of the State of Israel: electricity, fuels, natural gas, energy conservation, water, sewerage, oil & gas exploration, minerals and ores excavation.
The proposal for the work posts in the Main Control Room employs a curved, closed structure console configuration from the CRAE Console range, a technical solution especially designed to organize 24x7 technological environments which require a storage capacity of electronic equipment from high to moderate, a well thought ergonomic design and user comfort.  Crae Console is specifically destined for 24x7 operations environments, having as a main feature its high robustness and great capacity to organize all types of equipment inside, as well as a perfect integration and management of all wiring and connectivity elements necessary. It is considered appropriate to plan the workstations as such to be able to integrate the audiovisual and computer equipment required by each operator for his daily work, more specifically at least 1xPC and 2x monitors per operator. Each console disposes of a closed structure with 19" sections under the cable duct, allowing to safely locate and connect the PC's in an isolated environment. Thereby, the console itself counts as an organizational element, ensuring a perfect ergonomic distribution of all elements within the workplace.


Suministro Sillas CXO para ADIF

ADIF amplia la confianza en las soluciones de Roomdimesnions Ibérica mediante la adjudicación de un nuevo contrato de 50 unidades de sillas ergonómicas para entornos de operaciones 24x7, modelo CXO del fabricante canadiense Nightingale.

Esta nueva adquisición se debe sumar a las ya más de 150 unidades suministradas durante el ejercicio del 2015, para los Puestos de Mando de Chamartín, Santa Justa, Atocha y Gutiérrez Soto. Esta cooperación con Adif, más las extensas referencias de entornos ferroviarios organizados con la silla CXO, convierten al producto como la mejor solución para la gestión y organización de entornos de operaciones 24x7, siendo un producto altamente fiable, robusto y con un excelente ciclo de vida, ideal para entornos tan exigentes como el ferroviario.


CC Santiago de Compostela Airport

Roomdimensions Iberica supplies, vía Elecnor, the new Control Centre of the Santiago de Compostela Airport. The Project Scope included the comprehensive equipping of the operating environment, with a focus on the operator control consoles. The console model used was the newly redesigned KOMPAS console range, which provides a new specific solution for the installation of the articulated monitor supports, called RAIL SUPPORT SYSTEM, which enables a perfect adjustment of all monitors all along the workpost, and a wider, new access system to the cabling & connectivity area, with more capacity to place the equipment.

The operator workposts have been supplemented with the CXO range of specific chairs for 24x7 operations centers, of Nightingale Manufacturer. The CXO chair is probably the best solution for critical operations environments as per the standard FNEW 83-269E-1989: Performance Test Method for intensive Use Chairs, which certifies that the product is validated for intensive use or 24x7.

All elements in contact with the human body are 100% adjustable and adaptable to the morphology of each operator, while the filling of seat uses the Enerfoam system, which is characterized by a high elastic return of the material which provides a high life-cycle and non-deformability of the material as an effect of the human body weight.



TCDD Control Centre Turkey

In collaboration with Indra, Roomdimensions was commissioned to fully equipe the new TCDD Control Room for the High speed Railway, located in ANKARA (Turkey). This cooperation has given the opportunity to Roomdimensions to design the fully environment, including all the architectural works and decorative elements, and designing and manufacturing an specific Consoles 100% customized to the Indra’s requirement and customer needs.

This project is based in a new concept of control room environment, where the consoles are adapted to the Indra’s technology used in the Railway market, offering a solution totally new, unique and with a high quality and the perfect ergonomic to the operator, guaranteeing a perfect view over the personal audiovisual system and the general information appear on the videowall.


Royal Guard Noc

Successful proposal for the Royal Guard NOC Center, consisting of a Main Operating Room with 4 operators and a Supervisor Room located behind it, including a small Meeting Area. Both environments will be separated by a glass partition, maintaining a great visibility over the videowall screen on the NOC.

The proposal employs Kompas console, a technical solution specifically designed for 24x7 operations environments, which enables a perfect space management, taking into account the fundamental principles which the equipment used in a control centre must meet, as defined by the ISO11064 normative.


MOPM Executive Meeting Room

Roomdimensions has successfully executed the MOPM Executive Meeting Room located in Saudi Arabia, consisting of a Main Meeting Room with a Smart Meeting Table of 25 delegates.

The entire project employs high quality technical solutions especially designed for the organization of executive meeting rooms and critical environments, where highly performance solutions are required, capable of integrating a larger quantity of both computer and audiovisual equipment, communications and connectivity. The MOPM Executive Meeting Table employs the CRAE Meeting system, a premium technical solution of innovative design, robustness and flexibility.


Dewa Noc Dubai

Design proposal for the operator control consoles for a Network Operations Centre located in Dubai, conceived as such as to fully comply with the operator's requirements and needs for carrying out their daily work.

The proposal employs LAN console, a technical furniture solution specifically designed for 24x7 operations environments, which enables a perfect space management, taking into account the fundamental principles which the equipment used in a control centre must meet , as defined by the ISO11064 normative.


Royal Guard SOC

Roomdimensions was commissioned, via its local partner, to modernize the Royal Guard SOC, located in Saudi Arabia, composed of two environments: a Main Control Room and an annexed Crisis Room, both separated by a glass partition, maintaining thus a great visibility over the videowall on both sides.
The entire project employs high quality technical solutions especially designed for the organization of executive meeting rooms and critical control room environments, where highly performance solutions are required, capable of integrating a large quantity of computer and audiovisual equipment, communications and connectivity. 


Guard House Control Room

Design project for the workposts located in the Guard House Control Room conceived as such as to comprise a Main Control Area and a Supervisor Area, separated with a glass partition.
The proposal employs Kompas console, a technical solution specifically designed for 24x7 operations environments, which enables a perfect space management, taking into account the fundamental principles which the equipment used in a control centre must meet , as defined by the ISO11064 normative. KOMPAS console introduces an innovative element called FUNCTIONAL ARC, inspired from the new wave architecture of the 21st century, which is the vertebral axis of the product allowing the sustention of all the main elements.


Al Salam Control Room

Design project for the operator control consoles located in the Security Control Rooms of the Al Salam Palace in Kuwait, including the following environments: Security Room Block Q (3 operator workposts), the Security Room Block P (2 operator workposts) and the BMS Room (2 operator workposts).
The project employs open console configurations from the Crae Console range, a technical solution especially designed to organize 24x7 technological environments which require a storage capacity of electronic equipment from high to moderate, a well thought ergonomic design and user comfort. CRAE console is specifically destined for 24x7 operations environments, having as a main feature its high robustness and great capacity to organize all types of equipment inside, as well as a perfect integration and management of all wiring and connectivity elements.


Sheikh Jaber Control Room

The scope of Roomdimensions Iberica has included the supply and installation of the CRAE consoles in all the technical environments located in the museum, together with the required ergonomic accessories for complementing the workpost of each operator. The CRAE console perfectly complies with all the technical necessities of the environment, disposing of a great capacity of managing the required infrastructure and of providing a fast and easy access to the same for maintenance purposes.

The design of the CRAE console range provides a high added-value to the environment where cutting-edge technical solutions and revolutionary designs have been employed. 


Avaya Labs

Avaya is a recognized innovator and leading global provider of solutions for customer and team engagement providing technologies for unified communications and collaboration, contact center and customer experience management, and networking, along with related services to large enterprises, midmarket companies, small businesses and government organizations around the world.

Roomdimensions has designed the Avaya Labs technical furniture conceived as such as to fit into specific areas according to the various uses of space.   It is considered appropriate to plan the workstations as such to be able to integrate the audiovisual, computer equipment and storage space required by the lab’s engineers in their daily work, keeping the space perfectly organized and ready to for a quick and easy maintenance.


Venta Alta ETAP Control Room

Roomdimensions, contracted by the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium, has successfully executed the comprehensive remodeling of the Control Centre and the CPD of the ETAP de Venta Alta located in Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia). 

The Project has included a turnkey scope, starting from both completely emptied environments, which have been equipped taking into account all the specific and functional aspects of a 24x7 operations environment. The resulting environments have a strong corporate character and are developed with materials and high quality solutions, providing a high technological level and optimal life cycle in each of the products used. The interior design is centered on a coherent and practical space distribution, sensitive to the functionality of the control center for that to ensure an adequate mobility, a maximum comfort and full control of the daily operational processes.

Scope of the Project:

Comprehensive interior design and remodelling of the Control Centre and CPD | Control consoles and ergonomic accessories | BARCO audiovisual system OL-721 70” HD | Audiovisual TOTEM | Racks 42U Schneider Electric | Power and data infrastructure | Lighting system | HVAC system | Fire detection/extinction system | Access control | 



CCE Bilbao City Council

We were contracted by the Bilbao city council for the remodellation of its Coordination emergency center, located in the City council facilities in Miribilla area, in Bilbao.

The scope of the project includes the replacement of all existing furniture in the control room with the new LAN consoles range, which have been specifically tailored to meet the technical requirements of the environment, facilitating the integration of the 12 operators and their systems, while contemplating all the ergonomic needs of the workplace by integrating CXO Extreme chairs for 24x7 environments. For each  workstation we have proposed a customized technical solution, which enables the perfect management of all required equipment, without losing or minimizing the ergonomic aspect of the control consoles.

The contract also included the supply and installation of an audiovisual system of 80" 4:3 SXGA+ in 3x2 format, manufactured by BARCO, along with all the associated technological components. In addition, a decorative coating, aiming to finish the installation of audiovisual system and provide high added and visual value to the control center, was installed, at the same time integrating the client's corporate image and improving the acoustics of the control center.

Scope of the Project:

Control consoles | CXO Extreme ergonomic chairs | Ergonomic solutions for LCD monitors | BARCO 3x2 80” SXG+ Audiovisual system


Well drilling monitoring room

Roomdimensions has been contracted to equip the Well Drilling Monitoring Room, located in the Oilfield of the Villahermosa area, where the property holds a logistics plant where from it controls the extraction and the maintenance of the various oil wells in the region.

The solution employed was the range of consoles KOMPAS control, upon which a large structure was mounted to enable the implementation of a large-format audiovisual solution integrated directly on top of the workstations, via which the operators can monitor all the information in real time.



DGT Traffic control center

Roomdimensions has been contracted by SICE to comprehensively equip the new control center of the General Directorate for Traffic located in the city of Zaragoza, Spain.
The Project Scope relied on the organization of all the operational workstations of the main control room and of the annexed crisis room, employing solutions designed and developed specifically for this particular operating environment, such as the audiovisual TOTEMs of the operators. The project was developed using our highly performant range of technical furniture KOMPAS console, which allowed an excellent distribution of space and the creation of a perfect workplace for each user.
Each workstation was equipped with its own cable conduction and management system, connectivity elements for computers and electronic equipment, connectivity points for the personal use of the operators, filing modules, CXO 24x7 ergonomic seating, articulated monitor supports for the management of the LCD displays, electronic compartments specially destined to the location of the computer equipment.
Scope of the project:

6 operations work posts | 4 administrative work posts | 1 Supervisor workstation | 1 Crisis Room for 14 operators.


Acebuche Penitentiary Consoles

In collaboration with Revenga Ingenieros, we have supplied various models of the LAN console for the Acebuche penitentiary in Almeria.


The various console models employed have been designed and developed specifically for this project, taking into account the technological requirements of each work post and the technical specification that our client provided us.


Abu Dhabi Security control room

Roomdimensions was contracted to equip one of the Security Control Rooms of the Abu Dhabi Police, where it located the new Crae Control Consoles.


The Crae Control Consoles are a line of product designed specifically for the Midlle East Market, providing high performances and ability to manage electronic equipment within the work place.



Multimedia PEMEX room

Roomdimensions was contracted, through its local partner, for the execution of the integral remodelling of the PEMEX Board Meeting Room in Mexico, delivering the first units of the Kompas CRAE multimedia consoles range in the Mexican market.

The scope of the project has been aimed at the renovation of the Board Meeting Room of the Poza Rica plant, equipping it with the best furniture solution for a technological environment.


Water Consortium in Bilbao

We have finished the E.D.A.R Controlroom for the Water Consortium in Bilbao, Spain. RDi has designed all the 24x7 and Data center environment, providinng and developing the technical furniture and infraestructure. KOMPASconsole is one of the product used, which is the reference to design the rest of the environment.


Control Centre E.T.A.P de l'Ampolla

We develop with Abantia Sistemas a new control center of Tarragona Water Consortium ETAP in l’Ampolla remodeling at 100% the interior space of the room and updating all the systems used. The control room has been equipped with a new LCD videowall 46" in 4x2 format, new KVM infrastructure for remote management of all client computers and replacement of the entire technical furniture and decorative room using KOMPAS console range as a primary reference in the environment. Another highlight is the full line of ergonomic seating for 24x7 environments Nightingale CXO Extrem manufacturer with whom we have a distribution agreement for Spain, Portugal and southern Europe


Crae Room Petróleos de Mexico

Roomdimensions Ibérica, S.L. install it’s firts project in the mexican market in collaboration with Italnetwork, our strategic partner in Mexico, Colombia and USA. We have provide the first consoles units for critical operations environment in Poza Rica. This first installation is a part of an agreement signed with Petroleos of Mexico (Pemex) to be developed with in the 2012/2013 years

The scope of the project is aimed at the renovation of the facilities of the Oil company, providing them with the latest technology in control systems and operations supervision.
These new facilities will provide greatest efficiency and a reduction of the time taking decisions to any emergency situation, and will be the perfect space where the authorities involved will coordinate the crisis situation and the civil protection.


FEVE Command Post Bilbao

We remodeled for Invensys Dimetronic, the Feve command post in Bilbao. The scope of the project contemplated the renewal of all operating consoles of the command post, ergonomic solutions for operators, partitioning and file systems, coating of the audiovisual system, UTP cabling infrastructure, transfer of operation posts on technical room and KVM solutions.


Among the solutions to using we include the new ROOMDIMENSIONS system, KOMPAS console, which will manage and organize, optimally, the working environment of each operators and equipments that they must use in the day to-day on their operational work.



Lietuvos Geleznikeliai Control Room

We remodeled, for Indra Sistemas, the main control center of the Lithuanian railway company, Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai, located in Vilnius. The scope of our project has been the integral design of the control center, technical assistance for coordination and supervision of different activities and supply and install all technical and auxiliar furniture used, as well as the control room, crisis room and control power room.


We must emphasize the use of control consoles like KOMPAS console as the main element in the organization of all work posts of users. We take KOMPAS console as a reference when we design all operating environments 24x7.


PCC Metro de M√°laga

We collaborate with Indra Sistemas and U.T.E. Instalaciones Metro de Málaga in equipping the new railway traffic control centre of Metro de Málaga. The scope of our collaboration will be the installation of all the technical and auxiliary furniture, both in the control room (PCC) as well as in the annexed units; command post for the room responsable, printing and editing area, meeting area , archive and filing areas, etc..


Solutions used include the new system of RoomDimensions, Kompas console, that enables optimal management and organization of the work environment for each one of the operators as well as for the equipment they must use.


KOMPAS consoles for the new CTF ADIF in Malaga

ROOMDIMENSIONS Ibérica collaborates with INDRA in the supply of new KOMPAS consoles for CTF (Centro de Tecnologías Ferroviarias) in Malaga. With the CTF, ADIF aims to position the Spanish railway system at the forefront of European technology. This technology center and the complementary ring rail will be on vanguard in research, development and innovation on rail sector.



Control consoles, KVM system and FTP cabling infrastructure

Supply and installation of KOMPAS consoles in the control center of rail operations in Euskal Trenbide Sarea Atxuri station, Bilbao. The scope of the project has provided the refurbishment of the entire technical and auxiliary furniture of command post and the crisis room, as well as KVM technology implementation of Rose Electronics manufacturer, which allows you to centralize all components of the user PC to a technical room, so the workplace and the environment remains clean, tidy and safe.


For this we have created a FTP cabling infrasructure ranging from the technical room to each work posts, extending video signal, keyboard, mouse, audio and USB services that required for each operators.


Audiovisual solutions for meeting rooms and entrance hall

Supply and installation of new audio systems models for meeting rooms and the entrance hall of the new business center of the Port Authority of Tarragona. The project has provided the organization of administrative rooms, meeting room management and presidency meeting room, taking into account the different needs, both audio, video, and content management that allows remote display information corporate in the entrance Hall.


Detailed information about the project in attachment PDF.



Red Electrica Nacional (REN) control center.

Roomdimensions has developed for SIEMENS the new control centers for energy management of National Grid in Lisbon. These new environments have been fully remodeled contemplating a new architectural design, new facilities, the integration of specific technical furniture, and all necessary ergonomic solutions for operators, such as 24x7 technical chairs and articulated supports for managing all LCD monitors. The scope of the project areas have been Helpdesk1 with 13 operators, Helpdesk2 with 11 operators, Laboratory with 14 operators and Safety area of CPD with 3 operators.


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Puerto del Duero security control room

Roomdimensions has actively collaborated in the development and implementation of the new control room for the Port Authority of Duero Leixoes, located in Porto. The control room consists of 3 large rooms and a common break area for operators. From this control room all maritime traffic and the port CCTV is displayed and managed.




Audiovisual system for TV set

Roomdimensions has worked in conjunction with BARCO and Casaserras in the development and implementation of audiovisual systems for the RDP main TV set. The system comprises a projection panel, 4x3 format, rear projection 50" screen.




KVMfor Barcelona's Subway L9 control room

Roomdimensions along with ROSE ELECTRONICS developed KVM entire infrastructure for the new operations control room of Barcelona's subway Line 9 .KVM technology increases the switching speed between applications of each operator, enhancing the ergonomics of each working desk and allowing to relocate each user's electronic equipment to centralize it in the Data Center of the property. This improves productivity and greatly facilitates maintenance tasks of all the used equipment.

Equipment used: extensors (ViewLink) switches for keyboard and mouse (Vista), switches for computers with multiple monitors (MultiVideo) matrix switches Cat5 (Xtensys) usb2.0 extender.




Caixa Geral de Depósitos security control room

Caixa Geral's turnkey security control room project, in Lisbon, and all its annexed spaces. The project inclouded the development and execution of all internal architecture of the rooms and audiovisual infrastructure, using BARCO products as the preferred solutions. The project idea is based in the concept of a "social control room", with some annexed environments designed to draw the user's day to day more comfortable and enjoyable.




KVM system for RTVE

RoomDimensions along with ITworxs Pro have worked with Telefónic Servicios Audiovisuales for the development of new infrastructure of Digital Signage for one of the emission centers of Radio Televisión Española in Madrid.

Material Used: Fiber-optic extenders cristalview; Videosplitters.




High speed control room in Lisbon (OCC)

Roomdimensions collaborates hand in hand with Thales, Casaserras and Barco in the implementation of the new audiovisual system of the Refer's OCC control room in Lisbon. This control room is probably the most significant and one of the most innovative ones in the Iberian peninsula, with the best technology of BARCO manufacturer and one with the most shocking views.