Case studies

Control room for Altrac Light Rail, Sydney

The CBD and South East Light Rail is a new 12 km route light rail network for Sydney, currently under construction. Civil construction will be progressively completed across the majority of construction zones in 2018.
The CSELR will be delivered, operated and maintained by a private operating company appointed for the Sydney Light Rail network as part of a Public Private Partnership (PPP). The PPP contract has been awarded to the ALTRAC Light Rail consortium. ALTRAC will finance the CSELR project and will also have responsibility for the existing Inner West Light Rail.
Roomdimensions has developed a control room with the corresponding equipment to manage the rail traffic. The space counts with a OCC Control Room equipped with 6 workstations for 5 operators and 1 supervisor, and a Technical Control Room with 1 more workstation. Also, a large video walll composed by 6x 55” screens has been installed to complete the operation environment. 
The chosen solution for the control room has been the CRAE console.

CRAE Console is a high added-value technical solution, designed for environments which require a high-quality product with a great capacity for technological integration. Highly modular console and, in its closed configuration, it has space for several PCs or wider electronics for each operator.  

CRAE console disposes of large cable ducts for the conduction and location of the structured cabling and connectivity elements. At the same time, it exposes the perfect balance between technical and high corporate design, incorporating customized solutions in the client's brand.


Design -Worksurface divided into 3 parts. -Front & rear doors perforated HPL manufactured.  -Easy modularity. -Led lighting and customizable side cover.

Equipment & infrastructure Closed structure for electronics & PC’s location and sliding back shelf for PC’s.
Wiring management -Back cover on table board to access cable duct. -Sliding side easy open for installation or maintenance. -Keylock in doors and back cover.

Sockets in the cable duct In the back of every console module, below the cover, a total space of 6U is available to place energy and data sockets in standard 19” mounts.

Access front doors All sections are equipped with rear-hinged doors to access the structure. Through the front doors, there is access to the cabling zone with the horizontal trays and the 19” mounts.

Access rear doors All sections are equipped with front-hinged doors to access the structure. Through them, there is easy access to the equipment zone where movable trays help manage the equipment inside.

Connectivity All the consoles count with a desktop unit with USB connections, net connector and power outlets as well as a wireless device charger.