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Note: This console is not on sale. It has been exlusively developed for INDRA.

The i-Console is a technical furniture concept designed specifically for the organization of control centers and 24x7 operations environments in the railway sector. It is a highly technological console with a totally new aesthetic that aims to become a benchmark in the organization of technical work environments, totally different from the traditional console concept. It perfectly combines the functionality required in a high-performance workstation with the beauty and elegance of a product designed for high-value-added environments.

The i-Console is designed to provide the user with a highly functional and enveloping work environment, taking into consideration all the technical and ergonomic needs of a workstation that requires the integration of audiovisual systems and electronic equipment or elements, so that the arrangement of the different components and the operator's own location is a differential element compared to the market.

The i-Console has become a real control console of reference in the railway market. It is an innovative solution, designed to organize operating environments of high added value and of the latest generation.

It consists of a central support element called TOTEM from which the entire workstation is configured, allowing the location of all electronic components. Despite being the only pillar of the console structure, it offers a high level of robustness and at the same time an aspect of lightness of the whole. The totem is where the different structural parts such as the base, work surface supports, table board and screen management system are attached.

The design and the technological features of the i-Console turn it into a unique solution in the market, able to organize all the necessary equipment not to mention such fundamental issues as the proper arrangement of elements, ergonomic reach to objects, the correct position of the operator, the correct ordering of the elements and wiring, the introduction of power and data connectivity, definition of accessories that allow the management of small equipment for the operator, quick access to electronic equipment, a perfectly hidden and tidy wiring, etc...

The totem, the main structure of the console, allows to organize all the electronic equipment in a simple and organized way as well as to distribute the wiring to any point: screens, PCs, devices, LED lighting, etc.

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