Case studies

OCC Arabia Saudí Control Room

In collaboration with INDRA, Roomdimensions was commissioned to fully equip the OCC for the High speed Railway between Meca & Medina. The project scope includes the supply and installation of all the operator workposts in the Main Control Room as well as the supply and installation of the meeting room, defining all the key elements for an environment of critical operations like this. 

The main solution deployed for the management and organization of the 24x7 environment was the i-Console, a custom-made technical workpost, designed especially for INDRA, combining a high-level performant design with the most advanced technological features in what regards cable management, connectivity and location of the computer equipment.

The CRAE Executive Meeting Table employed in the Crisis Room is a premium technical solution of innovative design, robustness and flexibility. Designed with a thought at the functionality of the meeting room as well as at the technological developments of the crisis rooms, which concentrate the most innovative and demanding technology, the Crae Meeting Table adapts to the dimensions and aesthetics of the environment to be installed in. Its modular structure is such designed as to allow a perfect integration of the required electronic equipment inside and a perfect organization and distribution of all the structured cabling.

The i-Console is a new concept of technical furniture for the organization of control centers or 24x7 operating environments. Highly technological and with an entirely new aesthetic design, the i-console aims at becoming a benchmark for the organization of technical work environments, differing completely from the traditional concept of control console or technical work environments, and moreover, situates itself as a technological reference that perfectly combines the functionality required in a workstation of high performance, with the beauty and design of a product intended for environments of high added value.


Depending on the functionality of each workpost, the i-Console has been combined with configurations from the KOMPAS console range. The KOMPAS system is specially designed to ensure a perfect adaptation of the product to the environment in which it is installed and a maximum added value to users.