Case studies

Control Room for Leumi Bank, Israel

Bank Leumi is an Israeli bank founded on 1902 to promote the industry, construction, agriculture, and infrastructure of the land hoped to ultimately become Israel. Today, Bank Leumi is Israel's largest bank with overseas offices in Luxembourg, US, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico, Uruguay, Romania, Jersey, and China.
Roomdimensions has developed one of the operations center in Tel Aviv. The space counts with a control room operated by 20 employees occupying a total area of 381,28m². It has been equipped using the T-Line console solution.
Operators: T-Line workposts: 20
Audiovisuals: T-Line workposts: 3x 24" monitors/op
  • 1x 1 Operators console (T-Line)
  • 1x 4 Operators console (T-Line)
  • 3x 5 Operators console (T-Line)

Front cover:
The metallic front cover can be dettached from the console structure as it is joined by magnets to the totem body.

Leaning interior zone:
The frontal zone of the totem structure leans forward to access to the interior part of the totem.

Equipment location:
The equipment is located in standart 19” trays of 200mm depth. There is a total of 10u available.

Ventilation holes:
Located in the upper zone of the console allowing hot air to naturally flow up and exit the compartment.

Cabling management:
Both sides of the totem structure and the 19 inch mounts have holes to bridle the cabling las well as the leaning frontal cover and the trays for equipments. Cabling is bridled to avoid being stuck when closing the compartment.