Case studies

New RDI project: Control and Surveillance Room of the Special Force of Diplomatic Security in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The development of the Joint Security Operations Room in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh is part of the Smart Riyadh Program, a strategic initiative of the Royal Commission for Riyadh City that aims to develop Riyadh’s important and strategic neighborhoods, most importantly the Diplomatic Quarter.

The room systems have been developed to ensure the security and safety of diplomatic missions, embassies, residents, and visitors of the Diplomatic Quarter, as well as to ensure smooth and seamless entry and exit.

The room has been equipped according to the highest standards and specifications, including the SDAIA system and other sophisticated security systems that are compatible with the Smart Riyadh Program.

The specialized technical furniture for control centers proposed by RDI contributes to the optimal integration of technologies and solutions for artificial intelligence and data management, implemented to enhance security and operational efficiency in the Diplomatic Quarter of Riyadh.



The room has been equipped with the T-Line console model, based on a simple, rounded, balanced and robust concept. An attentive search for ergonomics, considering the position of operator’s legs and feet to the slanted base of the console, enabling a comfortable position. The versatile T-Line easily allows modularity by creating multiple consoles. The backdoor provides a simple way to access its wide storage area destined to equipment.

The T-Line console has with multiple connectivity points for an easy management allowing a perfectly structured inner wiring. Side compartments increase the capacity of the console for the equipment. They adapt to the geometry of the console and facilitates the passage of the wiring. The internal structure is standardized to be able to attach equipment or trays of 19".


RDI engineers implement Human Factors and Ergonomics principles to carefully consider the interaction between the console and the operator. This ensures a perfectly organized workspace, addressing all the necessary elements required for a workplace of this nature.