Philips Medical Control Room

New control room in Israel for the leader in health technology: PHILIPS.

Roomdimensions has carried out the project for the creation of a new control center for PHILPS dedicated to the Healthcare division.


This operating environment is configured with the range of LAN consoles, a product that seeks maximum effectiveness and balance in terms of cost-performance ratio. It is a highly robust and reliable product that provides efficient solutions for the organization of simple and highly flexible 24x7 operations environments.


LAN console is a technical solution whose main feature is the high modularity of the range which enables the creation of various configurations in order to adapt the operator's workplace in a creative environment with modern design.

Philips purpose is to improve people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation. Roomdimensions provides the tools to make it happen.


 made of 18mm thick compact resin.

CENTRAL CABLE DUCT: Made of steel and located between the feet of the console for estructural purposes and wiring conduction. It houses power and data sockets and communicates directly with various equipment containers.

WIRELESS CHARGER: wireless battery charger for compatible devices placed below the work surface. An engraved icon shows its position on the tableboard.

TRAY FOR MATERIAL: Office suplies bin located on the table top and easily accessible by the operator. Phenol board cover.

HINGED COVER: Access to power, data or USB sockets inside the cable duct. Located on the table top and easily accessible by the operator.

ERGO CHAIR: Mod. CXO for 24x7 operating environements.
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