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CRAE Console is a high added-value technical solution, designed for environments which require a high quality product with a great capacity for technological integration. CRAE console is a highly modular product that allows the creation of closed or open workposts, depending on the equipment required by each operator.

CRAE console disposes of  large cable ducts for the conduction and location of the structured cabling and connectivity elements. At the same time, it exposes the perfect balance between techncial and high corporate design, incoporating customized solutions in the client's image.

CRAE Console console is a highly dynamic product, which allows the incorporation of a LED lighting system on both sides of the console, via which the console's sides can be customized with the final client corporate image, while enhancing the technological value of the solution.

The structure allows easily converted into a high-capacity console when necessary. The console can be easily closed by the addition of a lower tray for the location of the equipment and hinged doors to access this compartment. Therefore, enough space created inside the placement of electronic equipment such as large format PC towers. You can install a removable tray for all the electronics.

CRAE Console takes special care of the cable management, providing the installer with multiple possibilities for the location of power jacks, data and VGA sockets, etc. This makes CRAE very flexible in terms of installation and connection of the electronic equipment.

CRAE console disposes of various points of connectivity, fully customizable, facilitating thus the connection of all the equipment required by the operator in his daily work

CRAE Console has been ergonomically designed according to the criteria of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and following the standards of the UNE-EN ISO 11064 (Ergonomic design for control centers). These guidelines have allowed us to develop a product that largely meets the needs of operators in their application 24x7 environments, obtaining a system adaptable to the environment and ample in accessories and configurations.

CRAE Console disposes of a wide range of ergonomic and filling solutions which complement the operator's workpost.

Lighting systems, filing and partitioning solutions, printer modules, mobile drawers, articulated supports for the installation of LCD screens, these are just a few of the accessories that the CRAE range encompasses.
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