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Note: This console is not on sale. It has been exlusively developed for INDRA.

i-Console is a new concept of technical furniture for the organization of control centers or 24x7 operating environments. Highly technological and with an entirely new aesthetic design, the console aims at becoming a benchmark for the organization of technical work environments, differing completely from the traditional concept of control console or technical work environments, and moreover, situates itself as a technological reference that perfectly combines the functionality required in a workstation of high performance, with the beauty and design of a product intended for environments of high added value.

i-Console is designed to provide the user with a highly functional work environment and surrounding, taking into account all technical and ergonomic necessities of a workstation, that requires the integration of audio-visual and electronic equipment in such a manner that the arrangement of the different elements and the actual location of the operator marks a differential point based on the currently existing units on the market.

The i-Console is a new concept of Control Console, specially designed for the organization and management of operating environments in the railway sector, where it is necessary to provide an organizational system that is able to cover all the necessary electronic and other audiovisual devices throughout the workstation, maximizing its ability to manage the operator through a highly ergonomic and practical furniture.

It is a product highly aesthetic and innovative, designed to organize operating environments of high added value and of the latest generation, walking away from the traditional concept of technical work desk, becoming thus an authentic control console of reference on the RAILWAY MARKET.

The structures are 100% standard but the worktops allow us to tailor the settings using the direct assembly of different work settings, allowing the creation of multiple designs without modifying the structural elements of the console.

Depending on the size of the console, you can add more or less monitors making some basic changes in the supports of the monitors.

The design of the structure of the i-Console allows 3 sizes of console, 2000, 2500, 3000 cm., without needing to make any structural change in the set. Thus, the product is tailored according to the specific needs of each environment and of each project.

The new concept of the i-Console is designed with the intention of integrating the latest technological solutions that are required by the most advanced 24x7 operations environments, being perfectly installed, organized and managed within the console. The maintenance task is one of the fundamental aspects of the console, as the rear access through a swing door simplifies the task of installation and replacement without disturbing the operator.

It consists of a central supporting element called TOTEM, around which the whole workplace is configured. The totem of the console is a closed structure that allows the location of all electronic components. Despite being the only pillar structure of the console, it provides a high level of robustness and at the same time, an overall appearance of lightness. The totem is where different structural parts of the console are coupled, such as the base, supports of the work surfaces, tables, and systems for the management of visual displays.
The design and the technological features of the i-Console turn it into a unique solution in the market, able to organize all the necessary equipment not to mention such fundamental issues as the proper arrangement of elements, ergonomic reach to objects, the correct position of the operator, the correct ordering of the elements and wiring, the introduction of power and data connectivity, definition of accessories that allow the management of small equipment for the operator, quick access to electronic equipment, a perfectly hidden and tidy wiring, etc...

i-Console is an easy concept, simple and above all, of high added value, with the main objective to meet the needs of the entire public interested in cutting-edge technological solutions. Its design allows you to organize and distribute technological environments, taking into account a very important aspect, the ergonomics of work and the space dedicated to the operator. The main structure of the console enables you to organize all electronic equipment in a clear and orderly manner, as well as distribute the wiring to any point on the console: displays, decorative lighting, etc.

The i-Console has been developed to provide a qualitative technical solution, altogether with a modern design and robustness. Installed for the operator to interact with work items and feel really comfortable. Therefore, it is a product designed from the inside out, capable of managing any computer al well as all electrical wiring, voice and data, with the best technical solutions. It is designed with a thought for both the moment of installation of the product as well as for long-term maintenance.

The process of manufacturing the product and its subsequent distribution right from the factory, as well as a strict control and selection of processes and suppliers, enable us to offer a guarantee of 10 years.
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